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Ohana's drinking games

1. Shithead

Deal each player three cards face down, three cards face up on top of those cards and three further cards face down.


Remind players that the magic cards are two, seven, nine and ten. King and Ace is high.


Invite players to look at the three cards in their hands and rearrange with the exposed cards. Magic and higher cards work best here.

Now, invite the player who starts to turn over a card from the remainder of the pack. They must put one of their three cards in their hands on top. It needs to be higher, the same or a magic card.

Magic cards can be put on anything and work as follows...

Two: Start the run again.

Seven: Next player must go lower.

Nine: See through.

Ten: Burns the pack and starts again.

Each time a player puts a card down, they must pick one up so they always have three in their hands. When they run out of cards to choose, they move onto the six cards they were originally dealt. The three exposed ones must be used first, then the face down ones - without being looked at first.

Whoever loses their cards first wins. The last player is the shithead. The shithead has to drink.

2. Bullshit

Another card game that's vastly improved by adding alcohol.


Deal out the entire pack of cards so each player has an equal amount then put one card face up in the middle. Take it in turns to announce a card a put it face down on the pile.


It must be one higher, one lower, or the same as the one below. If a player can't go, they'll have to lie and pretend they're putting down a card that can go.

Other players can call 'bullshit' on any other player's cards being put down. If they're wrong, they have to drink. If the other player was lying, they have to drink.

Winner is the first person to lose all their cards.

3. Suicide

Deal an equal amount of cards out to each player.


Then, on the count of three, everyone has to flip over their top card. Anyone with matching numbers or suites must drink together. Repeat.


You're going to need a lot of booze for this one.

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