Let's collaborate!

We're always looking to work with great content creators who are keen to promote our beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan, and our accommodation offerings and beach club. We regularaly collaborate with influencers, journalists, bloggers, photographers and videographers to help us create content.

These mutually beneficial arrangements allow content creators to enjoy our offerings in exchange for services provided.

We collaborate with professional, reliable content creators with a prior track record of success.

Collaboration request form

Please fill out the form below to submit your request to collaborate with us.

What are the collaboration offers?

We understand that all content creators have a slightly different value proposition and work in different ways on their preferred platforms.

Collaborations need to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Over our years of operation we have worked with large and small content creators, from photographers with a few thousand followers, to influencers with millions of followers, and through this we have experience in knowing what offers reflect fair value to our businesses across a range of skillsets.

We have no interest in paid marketing services, regardless of how big your following.

We have three standard collaboration offers to choose from that include: staying at one of our private villas, staying at our beachfront resort, or a dining experience at our beach club.

We will expect initial deliverables to be completed prior to check out or departing our venue.

If we are working with you on more lengthy video content or a suite of professional photography, then additional time may be allowed for editing deliverables, though at least one post and two stories will need to be completed prior to departure.

Minimum deliverables

At minimum for any collaboration we will require 1 x post and 2 x stories on Instagram for each person involved in the collaboration.

All posts, stories, etc. will tag and location tag our venues.

Please note, that this would be the minimum requirement for someone with a sizeable Instagram following.

We receive dozens of collaboration requests every week. The more you can offer us in exchange for the experience we provide, the more likely we are to accept your collaboration offer.

We also retain the right to use any content produced for our own marketing purposes.

Minimum deliverables must be completed prior to departing our venue or you will be issued a bill for the services we have provided you.

Will my collaboration be accepted?

Collaboration requests are assessed by our marketing team on a case-by-case basis subject to suitability and alignment with our business. Tips for having your request accepted:

- Complete the information in full with as much evidence as possible demonstrating successful prior work and collaborations. If you cannot take the time to complete the form, we have no confidence in your ability to deliver for us, and therefore no interest in working with you.
- Let us know who your following is, or how your services will help promote our business.
- Make a sensible offer for what you propose to complete in exchange for the collaboration.
- Offers to share your experience on review websites.
- Accommodation collaborations are more likely to be accepted in low season or off-peak times.
- During peak times we will often only accept collaborations at our beach club for food & beverage vouchers. - In peak times, accommodation collaborations will only be accepted on a last-minute basis (within a week of proposed stay).

Collaborations that will not be accepted:

- Cannot commit to publishing minimum deliverables prior to leaving venue.
- Proposals for content that is only available on social channels for a limited time i.e. stories only.
- Offers that include payment to be made by us for your services.
- Insufficient evidence of successful prior collaborations.
- Following that is too small or not relevant to our business.

Preferred collaboration

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