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Your next event.

Event styles

We can work with you to create the experience your group is after.

This is typically either:

Informal lounging/cocktail party

We will allocate and reserve a lounging space relative to the size of your group and your requirements.

Our staff will bring out share plates, and place around the space allocated for your group to pick at.

Sit-down dinner

We can allocate a space for a sit-down dinner.

Dishes are served along the table for a sharing style of dining.

Spaces for your event

Regular reservations do not attract minimum spend requirements.

You can request an area for any booking, though requests cannot be guaranteed and the area will not be for exclusive use for your group.

Minimum spends only apply to block exclusive use of an area.
The eagles nest
Suitable for up to 12 people
Rp 12,000,000 minimum spend Grass area next to infinity pool
Including 3 day-beds
suitable for up to 50 people)
Rp 50,000,000 minimum spend Downstairs bar
Including 4 day-beds by the infinity pool & lounging, excludes bar deck
suitable for up to 60 people
Rp 60,000,000 minimum spend Downstairs bar deck
Suitable for up to 30 people
Rp 30,000,000 minimum spend Full downstairs bar area
Suitable for up to 90 people
Rp 90,000,000 minimum spend Rooftop bar
Suitable for up to 100 people
Rp 100,000,000 minimum spend Resort pool & Aqua Bar
Suitable for up to 50 people
Private space, with exclusive use of resort pool & swim up bar
Must book all suites & junior suites overlooking the space. Rp 100,000,000 minimum spend
Entire venue To book the entire venue for a private function such as a wedding or retreat, you must book all of the accommodation for 3-night minimum in the resort and daily minimum spends apply at the venue given the property will be shut off to the public during that time.
Without booking all of the accommodation, we cannot shut the beach club exclusive for your event.

All bookings (except for when entire venue is booked) are for a 6-hour window. Please note, we will not adjust our music or general format of the venue unless the entire venue is booked.


For groups of 8 or more diners we offer a social style of dining with sharing set menus.

A 50% deposit is required in advance for group dining and private functions.

Click to see our set menus.

Minimum spends apply if an area has been reserved for your group.

Hosting your event at Ohana's

We would love to have you host your next event at Ohana's.

We regularly have groups visiting for reunions, birthdays, welcome parties and recovery parties.

Typically if it is a group of 25 people or less wanting to enjoy our venue, we suggest booking a combination of lounging and day-beds, or a large table, rather than booking a space for exclusive use.

In our experience, it is usually best to tell us you want your vibe to be and leave it to our team to allocate a space for your group based on the number of people and the experience you are looking for.

We know our venue well and regularly host events, so we know what works and what doesn't.

If you are planning on having a larger event with more than 25 people, that's when it starts to make more sense for us to block off a particular area in our beach club.

Some of our spaces which can be blocked for private functions are large, and blocking these spaces (especially with too few people for the space), can lose the vibe and buzz that makes for a fun experience.


We will have our usual carefully curated funky tunes playing (as we do every day)!

Typically we say just leave the music to us and come and enjoy the venue and enjoy what we have playing on that particular day.

Can I play my own playlist or request music?

No, unless your group has booked the entire venue, you cannot play your own playlist or request particular music.

Book a live musician or DJ

If you would like to book a live musician or DJ for your event, please notify our team.

We have a range of resident musicians and DJs who regularly play at our venue and we can book them for your event.

Please provide us with minimum 21-days notice to coordinate this. Talent is often booked well in advance by venues, especially in high season or peak times, so we cannot guarantee availability.

Most International resident DJs and musicians will have a rotating schedule amongst all of the best beach clubs and venues, so they are not readily available to freelance for one off events on short notice.

There are of course the added logistics that we are on Nusa Lembongan, so it is an effort for talent to come to the island for a single set/event, and as result it needs to be worth their while.

Rates for live musician or DJ

Pool party/sunset session | 4:00 - 8:00pm | Rp 15.000.000 (4-hours)
Sunset/Dinner/party | 5:00pm - 12:00pm | Rp 20.000.000 (7-hours).

Times can be adjusted to suit your event.

The fee for talent includes food & accommodation on Nusa Lembongan for that evening, as well as return boat trips to and from the island.

The better talent resides in Bali as there are more large venues with budgets for artists, and more opportunities for them to work.

My friend is a DJ/Musician, can they play?

We often get requests for someone's DJ "friend" to play at our venue.

Whilst we would love to have your talented friend play, unfortunately if they do not have an Indonesian working Visa they cannot play as this is a breach of a tourist visa and can land both the venue and the individual in significant hot water. The venue can be shutdown or fined, and the individual can be fined and deported. It's a risk we are not prepared to take, so please do not ask.

Additionally, if your friend is a professional musician who happens to have the correct visa, they will need to have been vetted and approved by our Music Director to ensure their music fits the vibe of our venue. If you fit this situation, please notify our team and we can have your talent pass on their CV and discuss their intended set with our Music Director.


Our venue is naturally stunning and features beautiful decor.

You are welcome to decorate your particular space for the duration of your event if you want to add a few balloons or something, but please take your decorations with you when you leave our venue.

We do not provide an additional decorating service.


We can organise a cake for your event.

We offer a range of cakes available from Rp 350.000++

- Biscoff cake
- Chocolate cake
- Carrot cake (vegan)
- Banana cake (vegan)

The cakes are 20cm in diameter and we need 48-hours notice for preparation including 50% payment.

Some cakes we make in-house and others we need to order in, which requires co-ordination from specialty artisans.

Custom writing adds Rp 35.000++

Bring your own cake

Alternatively, if you would like to bring your own cake, we charge a cakeage fee of Rp 35.000++ per person. This fee includes cutting and plating the cake.

Cakeage is charged for each person at the table regardless of whether they eat the cake or not as we cannot monitor this.

Please provide your own decorations/candles for the cake as we may not have these available.


We have an extensive alcohol menu including high quality imported beer, wine and spirits.

Your group can either "pay-as-you-go", run a tab, or have a pre-arranged bar limit.

If you would like us to have pre-prepared welcome drinks, or if the host would like to pay for the first round of drinks or similar, please let us know so we can make arrangements.

Can I bring my own drinks?

We do not offer BYO beer or spirits.

If you have a special bottle of champagne or wine, a fee of Rp 250.000++ applies per bottle.

Please see our outside food & beverage policy for more information.