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Wedding Receptions.

Do I need a wedding planner?

If you would like us to host your ceremony or reception at Ohana's you will need a wedding planner who is based in Bali and who we agree to work with.

We will refer you a selection of experienced wedding planners to help you and who will project manage the creation of your dream wedding.

Your chosen wedding planner will then be the spider in the middle of the web who coordinates our venue, along with all of the different specialty services.

Your local wedding planner, friend in your home country, or even expat friend who lives in Bali isn't going to cut it unless they plan on basing themselves in Bali and are experienced at putting together these sort of events. They also need to have a relevant working visa given they will be "working" on putting your wedding together.

Trying to coordinate a wedding without a wedding planner based in Indonesia, and who lacks experience of putting together a wedding in Bali, is a recipe for disaster. It will lead to a lot of stress (which no-one wants). We are doing you a favour by refusing to operate on this basis.

Putting together an island wedding requires local experience, and an understanding of how things operate on the island, including contacts with suppliers, photographers & videographers, furniture and decoration hire, shipping etc.

Working with an experienced wedding planner will open up ideas, and ensure a seamless experience.

You'll find them to be worth their weight in gold and allow you to focus on enjoying your special day.

Venue hire and minimum spend

A venue hire fee applies of Rp 20.000.000 ($2,000).

The venue hire fee includes:

- Exclusive use of the roof-top bar from 6:00am on the day of the wedding until 11:30pm.
- Bump out time from 6:00am - 10:00am the day following the wedding.
- 4 x staff to help with set-up for 6-hours on day of bump-in and clean-up for 2-hours on day of bump-out. Your wedding planner must coordinate our staff during this time.

- Waiters to serve your guests during your Reception at a ratio of 1 staff per 10 x guests. - Use of DJ equipment and professional sound system, including microphones for speeches. Professional talent must be organised at additional cost.

Additionally, there is a minimum spend of Rp 100.000.000 ($10,000) applies towards food and beverages (excluding wedding cake and venue hire fee).

The rest of the beach club (downstairs) will operate as normal.

Why have your Reception at Ohana's?

Our rooftop bar is an absolutely gorgeous location to host your wedding reception.

Wedding receptions for up to 150 people are held on our rooftop bar overlooking the beachclub. If you have more guests attending your wedding, we can cater to that in the downstairs beach club.

Here are a few reasons to have your Wedding Reception at Ohana's.

Effortlessly elegent

Firstly, if you've stepped foot into our venue, you'll know how captivating it is.

The venue does most of the work, without a whole lot needing to be done to it or over-the-top decorating.

The natural beauty, beautiful decor, beachfront infinity pool and incredible sunsets create for a venue that doesn't feel "artificial" or "contrived".

It's effortlessly elegent.


Chances are your Reception is going to go through sunset (around 6:00pm - 7:00pm most of the year). Our rooftop bar offers the most amazing sunsets on the island.

It's what we're known for. If you're venue doesn't have an amazing sunset, you're guests will be wishing they were somewhere else to catch the sunset. And we do them better than anywhere on the Island.

It is the only evelavated beachfront location along the main sunset beach on Nusa Lembongan.

All weather peace-of-mind

Most venue's suitable for a wedding reception on Nusa Lembongan do not provide for peace-of-mind for all weather conditions.

Our rooftop bar has an articulating roof-structure that we can open or close depending on the weather conditions.

If extra shade is needed, we can provide that. If we need some rain protection, no dramas. If it's a perfect night (like we all hope for), let's open up the roof and dance the night away under the stars.

We all hope for perfect weather on the big day, but the last thing you want is to be in a panic on your wedding day if you wake up and the weather is not co-operating.

Fun venue
It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see a great party at Ohana's. With or without wedding receptions, we host great parties year round.

You can host your wedding reception at Ohana's with or without staying in our accommodation, though most people do choose to stay at our accommodation.

We can host your wedding reception at Ohana's, either sit down dinner, or a more casual cocktail party style event.

Exclusive use of spaces

If you book all of the accommodation, you will have exclusive use to the resort pool and swim up bar for the duration of your stay.

For your wedding reception, you will have exclusive use of our roof-top bar overlooking the beach club.

Bump in and bump out times

The venue will be available for bump-in at 6:00am on the day of the ceremony.

The venue will be available from 6:00am on the day of bump-out and must be cleared by 10:00am. An additional service fee of Rp 5.000.000 per hour applies for late bump out.

If you require assistance with bump in, or bump out, a team of 2 x staff will be available to help at a rate of Rp 250.000 per staff per hour.

We need 30-days notice to coordinate our roster. If we are notified within 30-days that additional staff are required to assist, they will be charged at a rate of Rp 350.000 per hour per staff.

If additional staff are required within 48-hours notice of the date of the ceremony, they will be charged at a rate of Rp 500.000 per hour.

Music & AV

You will be required to have a professional DJ or musician playing for the duration of your event. We have a range of resident DJs or musicians to choose from, or if you have your own suggestion, they must have a working visa for Indonesia, and be vetted by our Music Director.

Please see the "Your next event" section of our website for rates for talent.

There will be microphones available for speeches (if required), though additional AV equipment must be supplied.

Additional costs to consider

- Fireworks display

Your own fireworks cannot be provided and we must seek local council approval 60-days prior to the event. This is handled on a case by case basis and cannot be guaranteed.


Setting off your own fireworks is strictly prohibited.

- Additional decorations

We can provide a decorations package for Rp. 15.000.000 to decorate the venue.
Otherwise it is your wedding planners responsibility to decorations.

- Transport

Driver's or transport to bring guests to the venue. - Lighting Additional lighting. Additional lighting can be supplied. Price on request.

- Other live talent or acts

If you wanted to have fire twirlers or traditional dancers, this would be arranged by your wedding planner at additional cost. This is not an exhaustive list of additional costs that you may incur.

What sort of budget do I require for a wedding on Nusa Lembongan

That's a bit of a how long is a piece of string question.

As with all weddings, the price of a wedding on Nusa Lembongan varies entirely on how extravagent you want to be, how many people are attending and what season you are hosting your wedding.

The best place to start is by discussing your requirements with one of our wedding planners.

You and your wedding planner should also factor in:

- Accommodation
- Other activities - Wedding Services (Legal Wedding)
- Wedding Services (Non-Legal Wedding, religious only)
- Photography (still & video)
- Live entertainment
- Additional/alternative decorations
- Hair & makeup services
- Flowers
- Wedding Cake
- Costume Rental
- A/V Equipment in addition to existing Ohana's equipment