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What our guests are saying...

"Had such a relaxing time 3 nights at Ohana's with my partner. Would of loved to stay longer! Peaceful island vibes, amazing staff who were willing to go above and beyond for us."
TripAdvisor - Resort & beach club guest - Paris J from Australia
  • Writer's pictureOhana's resort & beach club


Ohana's has lifted the bar again in terms of sounds on Nusa Lembongan, with an upgraded professional audio system in the beach club and common areas.

The new system is a mix of JBL professional and Yamaha professional passive and active speakers as well as subwoofers, with Crown amplifiers powering the tunes. For DJs, we have decks by Pioneer.

There's no less than 50 speakers from 5 to 15 inch through the venue, which gives an effortless capability for warm, rich sounding tunes, without needing to blow your ear drums out, which often is the result of too few speakers trying to reach across too much of an expansive space.

It's no small feat creating an environment in such a large open space, where you can converse easily with friends, whilst still enjoying a full, rich sounding music experience. Give your ears a treat when you are next on the island.


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