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Nisi Taverna: Where Modern Greek Cuisine Meets Indonesian Warmth on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan, the idyllic Indonesian island known for its pristine beaches and breathtaking sunsets, is about to welcome a delightful addition to its culinary scene. On August 11th, a charming Greek restaurant, Nisi Taverna, will make its debut on the main street of Jungut Batu. This fusion of Modern Greek Cuisine and Indonesian hospitality promises to be an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.

Nisi smoked hummus VG  -  Smoked hickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, paprika. Served with pita
Nisi smoked hummus VG - Smoked hickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, paprika. Served with pita

A Culinary Odyssey

Nisi Taverna, the brainchild of a creative culinary team, is set to transport diners to the sun-soaked hills of Greece while embracing the laid-back charm of Nusa Lembongan. The restaurant's menu has been thoughtfully curated to cater to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegetarians, vegans, and those seeking gluten-free options.

From the moment you step into Nisi Taverna, the aroma of freshly grilled meats and aromatic herbs will envelop you, setting the stage for an extraordinary culinary adventure. The extensive dinner menu showcases an array of Greek delights that span from traditional appetizers, or mezes, to hearty main courses and mouthwatering desserts.

A Glimpse of the Menu

Local fishing boat around Nusa Lembongan
Catching the freshest local produce around Nusa Lembongan

Start your meal with a tantalizing array of mezes. The Melitzanoslata VG offers a taste of caramelized eggplant served with warm pita bread, while the Tyrokafteri VG introduces the harmonious blend of feta, garlic, lemon, and chili. The Nisi Fritter V tantalizes your taste buds with a medley of feta, tomato, mint, and zucchini, all accompanied by tzatziki for a cool contrast.

orzo salad VG - Orzo pasta, cherry tomato, cucumber, onion, green olive, dill, feta cheese, honey citrus vingairette
Orzo salad VG - Orzo pasta, cherry tomato, cucumber, onion, green olive, dill, feta cheese, honey citrus vingairette

For those seeking an adventure into Greek seafood, the Oktapodi with chargrilled octopus and romesco, or the Calamaraki featuring flash-fried baby squid, are must-tries. And for the lovers of comfort food, the Moussaka V – a layered masterpiece of eggplant, crispy potato, zucchini, béchamel, and herbed tomato sauce – promises an unforgettable taste of Greece.

Oktapodi with chargrilled octopus and romesco
Oktapodi with chargrilled octopus and romesco

Culinary Diversity with a Side of Island Magic

One of Nisi Taverna's unique strengths lies in its ability to meld diverse culinary traditions. The concept of Modern Greek Cuisine meets Indonesian warmth ensures that each dish is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a celebration of the cultures that inspire them.

To complement your dining experience, Nisi Taverna offers an impressive selection of wines that include sparkling, white, rosé, and red options. And let's not forget about the cocktails – from the zesty Taverna Lemonade Spritz to the smoky sophistication of the Smoky Lavender Margarita, the cocktail menu is designed to perfectly complement your meal.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure at Nisi Taverna

Introductory dinner menu at Nisi Taverna
Introductory dinner menu

As you explore the diverse flavors and warm hospitality of Nisi Taverna, you'll find yourself transported to two worlds united by the joy of good food and camaraderie. The restaurant is initially open six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday, for dinner from 6:30pm until late. Please note that Nisi Taverna is closed on Mondays.

Experience the magic of Modern Greek Cuisine while basking in the tropical beauty of Nusa Lembongan. Whether you're a dedicated food enthusiast, a curious traveler, or simply seeking a unique dining experience, Nisi Taverna promises to be a culinary haven that fuses tradition and innovation. Reservations

For reservations and inquiries, visit, email, or follow @nisitaverna.lembongan on Instagram. You can also contact the restaurant directly at +62-819-3006-2023.

Come discover the harmonious marriage of cultures, flavors, and hospitality at Nisi Taverna – where each dish tells a story and every bite is an experience.

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