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Beach club referral program.

Are you looking to make extra income? 

Join our referral program and starting earning money by sending guests to Ohana's beach club and resort!

It's simple!


1. Sign up using the form below.
2. Send your guest to our venue. You can call and book and we will pick them up in our truck, or you can direct them to our location. 
3. For every guest that shows at our venue and places a food or drink order, we will pay you Rp 10.000.
4. Call us or see our reception team, to confirm you have sent the guests, and confirm the name and we will add the referral fee to your account.

Hurry, limited referral positions available.

1 guest = Rp 20.000
2 guests = Rp 40.000
3 guests = Rp 60.000

4 guests = Rp 80.000
5 guests = Rp 100.000


That is 1-days salary for about 5-minutes work.

We have referral partners making Rp 200.000+ per day just by bringing people to our venue!

They are earning 2x or 3x their normal income just by sending guests to our property.




We will pay 10% commission to you for any guests who book our accommodation directly through your introduction. 

For example, 1 night accommodation at Rp 2.5m per night = Rp 250.000 commission

Fill in the form below to join our referral program.

Thanks! Message sent. We will respond within 24-hours.

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