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Coronavirus assistance

Working together for a better tomorrow

The Aqua Nusa Group are continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19 around the world and the areas where we operate our business. Our number one priority is the well-being, health and safety of our guest and team members. In order to secure just that, we have set-up procedures, plans and routines in place, so that all of our guests can feel safe when staying at or visiting our properties.

We understand many people are seeking information regarding the COVID-19 situation that is currently facing our entire community. 


Firstly, we want to reassure guests that we have no intention of reducing trade or shutting operations. At this point, we feel confident that this will not become necessary, although we recognise that this could change at any time. 


After seeking information from health bodies as well as from government directive, and looking into the risks and issues associated with the virus, we have identified that the main focus of government is reducing rapid spread with a view to minimising the load on the health system.

We understand the virus can be dangerous for some and we are sensitive to the fact that those with existing health issues and the elderly are at greater risk. While it is accepted that the virus cannot be entirely stopped, authorities are seeking to maintain order and confidence so that we can continue with our lives as unaffected as possible. 


In order to ensure that we do not put those that are vulnerable at risk, we are implementing the recommended 'simple steps to stop the spread'. While we always have strict hygiene practices and cleaning standards, we have introduced a number of  additional measures to further reduce risks and support a safe environment. This includes placing signage and additional sanitising products across our venues and implementing processes to maintain a very low risk environment (communication regarding our restaurant venue approach included below).


For these reasons, we feel very confident that our operations will not be affected by imposed policies, or government intervention. We will ensure we maintain the highest hygiene standards within our venues and we ask that you consider making necessary arrangements for elderly and anyone with existing health conditions.

Essentially, we will be responding to any government requirements as they are released. We will not be cancelling any bookings and our venues are operating as usual (with extra precautionary measures). At this stage, we are embracing a slightly modified version of 'business as usual' and ideally do not anticipate any change to this. 

The Indonesian government has kept borders open though the process to obtain a visa has been altered to prevent additional external cases of COVID-19 being brought into the country. Indonesia is requiring guests carry out a health check in their home country and apply for a visa to travel to Indonesia from their home country before travelling to Indonesia. This mechanism is designed to protect the Indonesian borders and ensure foreigners do not bring further cases of Coronavirus into Indonesia. It is not unusual for the process for visa applications to Indonesia to change according to government policy and this has happened many times over the years. We do advise that guests speak with their local Indonesian embassy on how to apply for a visa with these added border protections in place. Foreign guests should seek advice from their local Indonesian embassy on how to obtain a visa in advance of their departure to Indonesia. 

At the Aqua Nusa Group, we follow the guidelines of Indonesian health authorities and act according to our set-up routines and procedures in the event of a case of COVID-19 at our properties. Our team members are trained to handle situations that may occur at our properties and we have confidence in their abilities.

Q. What do we do at our properties for securing the safety of our guests

A. At our properties, hygiene and cleanliness are always prioritised. We are also emphasising the importance of good hand hygiene based on recommendations from local health authorities. We have strict hand hygiene policies for our team members before eating or preparing food and after using the bathroom. We also encourage guests to frequently wash their hands with soap and warm water.

  • We follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities

  • All  staff have been provided with information about COVID-19 and management instructions

  • Increased focus on hand hygiene on all of our hotels

  • Increased cleaning and hygiene protocols

  • Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles and bench tops with anti-bacterial liquids

  • Offer disinfectant dispensers in public areas to our guests

  • Observance of the procedures for dealing with colleagues who are ill

Q. I Think my travel plans will be disrupted and I cannot it make it to your hotel. 
A. We understand the need to be flexible with the Coronavirus which has taken many people by surprise. 


Each hotel and travel agent has its own policy and procedure for handling these situations, and guests have made bookings with a variety of flexibility and cancellation terms and conditions, as well as had the choice whether to take out travel insurance and what travel insurance policy to choose.

First of all, as the situation is dynamic we are asking guests not to request credits or changes to accommodation dates more than 45-days out from bookings as circumstances are changing constantly.


As we stand today, Indonesia is currently still accepting guests from nearly all countries - with the exception of a few that are deemed higher risk, though this is regularly changing. As mentioned above, the process for obtaining a visa has also changed so we remind international guests to contact their local Indonesian embassy before travelling to Indonesia. In general, it is business as usual on Nusa Lembongan and most of Bali. Indonesia is requiring foreign guests carry out a health check in their home country and apply for a visa in their home country before travelling to Indonesia. This measure is designed to protect the Indonesian borders and ensure foreigners do not bring further cases of Coronavirus into Indonesia. It is not unusual for the process for visa applications to Indonesia to change and this has happened many times over the years. We do advise that foreign guests speak with their Indonesian embassy on how to apply for a visa with these added border protections in place.

In the event your trip is disrupted by the Coronavirus, we kindly ask you to follow these steps so we can protect you financially:

Step 1) Please provide us with written (email) notice as soon as you know you cannot travel. If you know already that you will not be travelling then please confirm this with us. The email to use is: bookings@ohanas.co.


Step 2) Submit a claim with your travel insurance provider where your plans have been disrupted. This is precisely what travel insurance is for. There are a range of types of travel insurance that guests have the option of taking out to protect themselves. Many insurance companies are covering the Coronavirus and it is your obligation to take the matter up with the insurance provider in the first instance before requesting a credit note or to change your booking dates. The confirmation your bookings and bank statement indicating you have paid for your booking is sufficient for most travel insurance providers, though if you require additional documentation from us to support your insurance claim then please let us know via email with what additional material your insurance provider is requesting.

Q. My travel insurance company is not covering the disruption to my travels. Can you help?

A. We have put in place a special Coronavirus Guarantee to assist guests who have travel insurance, but in instances where the insurance provider is not covering them. We want to offer these guests the opportunity to not lose their booking and reschedule their plans for a later date, despite what the booking terms may have been for the booking.


If you have travel insurance, though your travel insurance policy DOES NOT protect you, please supply us the letter of rejection you receive from your travel insurance company, and we will convert your booking to a credit note which allows you to rebook the same property (subject to availability, or a similar property within our portfolio should that property not be available) during the following dates within 12 months of your arrival date:


1 November 2020 - 15 December 2020

15 January 2021 - 31 March 2021

1 November 2021 - 15 December 2021

15 January 2022 - 31 March 2022

Unfortunately, if you have not taken out travel insurance, then we cannot implement our Coronavirus Guarantee. We are also not offering cash refunds for bookings unless your booking terms and conditions were flexible and allow for this.


We appreciate our guests understanding that we are trying to balance the inconvenience caused from delayed travel with the livelihood of our local staff and the local community to ensure we are here for you to enjoy in the future. We wish to assure you that you'll not be out of pocket so long as you took the steps to protect yourself in the first instance of obtaining travel insurance! We know you are looking forward to coming to Bali & Nusa Lembongan, so if your plans need to change, we understand completely and we will look forward to seeing you in the future :)

Once we receive your formal confirmation at least 21-days prior to your travel that you will not be travelling, we will re-open your room. We will try to advertise your room at a heavily discounted rate.


So long as we are notified as soon as you know you will not be able to travel and we subsequently receive a formal rejection from the travel insurance provider on the travel insurance claim, we will provide our Coronavirus Guarantee.

Your advance notice allows us to attempt to secure an alternate last minute booking, which whilst unlikely in the current climate and at heavily reduced rates, will be used to subsidise our Coronavirus Guarantee to support our guests. We all need to work together in these times including guests providing us with reasonable notice so we can provide reciprocate with a guarantee should plans be disrupted.


We wish to share these protocols with you today to give you confidence that we have a procedure in place if your travel plans are interrupted.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) assistance